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Coffee – Formula 522 Swiss Water Decaffeinated 250 grams



Formula 522 Swiss Water Decaffeinated Espresso

Standard Espresso Roast

Richly roasted, Formula 522 Swiss Water Decaffeinated Espresso, a pure Arabica blend that makes up for a lack of caffeine with plenty of flavour. Subtly aromatic.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Process uses the elements of water, temperature and time to create some of the most intriguing decaf coffee. First, they start with small batches of amazing coffee and green coffee extract. Then they add local water and a dash of loving attention by monitoring time and temperature until the coffee is 99.9% caffeine free. Their process starts with one philosophy: a passion for crafting amazing decaffeinated coffee. Working with small batches to remove caffeine in a gentle, 100% chemical free process, so that whether it’s morning or night, you have the option of enjoying your favourite coffee without the caffeine.

This unique blend is a selection of Arabica’s from Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras, Indonesia and Papa New Guinea. It brings together a selection of great tasting coffees that perfectly compliment each other to achieve a smooth chocolatey flavour with hints of citrus orange in the background. A indulgent coffee that suits all day drinking.

Tasting Notes:

Sweet chocolate and warm Brazil nuts with a sublime orange citrus finish.

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Weight 290 g
Dimensions 27.5 × 20 × 9 cm


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