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Unsi Incense is a homemade Somalian incense that will whisk you away to a far away place filled with incredible aroma. It invokes warmth, peace and security.

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Origin: Somalia.


30 grams


Unsi is a homemade blend of incense traditionally made by the female members of the Somalian household the ingredients and recipes are closely guarded family secrets sometimes passed down for generations.

It has so many qualities and uses. A few of it’s common uses are in meetings places, to perfume clothes, removing cooking odours, for protection and for celebrations.

When burnt on a hot charcoal Unsi delivers a sweet perfumed aroma that permeates everything and lingers for hours or even sometimes a day or two.

Through the incredible aroma it helps to invoke feelings of tranquillity and security.


Some of the ingredients but not all of them that are sometimes used are, Frankincense Frereana(Maydi), Myrrh, Onycha, Sugar, Oud, or Agarwood shavings, Sandalwood and Frankincense wood, Musk and essential oils.



Flowery, sweet, musky, molasses, warm

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